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training log

Mileage Charts / Tracker

Attached are a variety of mileage calendars for the winter or summer. These include daily, weekly and winter mileage targets, information on workouts and other events happening throughout the winter. Things to consider when choosing a mileage goal for the winter are (in order of importance):

  • Developmental level (how much have you run in the past?)

  • Motivational level

  • Ability level

  • Grade level 

If you have any questions regarding which mileage chart is appropriate for you please let us know. We will make it a point to speak with all of you about our thoughts on your mileage goals. Also, please communicate your weekly mileage totals during the winter via email to the coaches each Sunday night. A simple email stating the weekly total with your name works just fine. 


(please save the file with your name or initials in the file name before emailing to coaches every week.)

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